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Jacqueline Bisset in “Under the volcano”

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Lynda Carter

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@laurabenanti: Wake me up when grown women are allowed to have pubes again.

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"Be careful who you vent to."

—Realest shit I’ve heard all morning.  (via sseptumss)
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(from the fall/winter 2014 Le Monde d’Hermès magazine: “447140HA11: Crew-neck sweater in khaki cashmere with spider embroidery”.)

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Scotch & Soda FW14

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vintage halloween card (www.pinterest.com)

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Lupita Nyong’o’s photos and outtakes from OscarWrap Magazine (November 26, 2013)

Look at God

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Italian director Federico Fellini and his wife Giulietta Masina, at their home in Rome, photographed by Carlo Bavagnoli, 1961.
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What a funny face! Are you a woman, really? Or an artichoke?

Giulietta Masina in La Strada (1954) dir. Federico Fellini

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Giulietta Masina on the set of La Strada (1954, dir. Federico Fellini) (via)

“Mr. Fellini says that his wife sometime resists his view of her talents, which he summarizes as ‘a mingling of youngish and clownish.’ But make no mistake: in suggesting that his wife is a clown, Mr. Fellini means no insult. ‘The clown is the aristocracy of acting,’ he says. ‘To be a clown means to have the possibility of making people cry and laugh.’


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So, does Kristin Scott Thomas find her beauty a burden?

Let’s get this into proportion, I’m not Miss World. And I’ve never really felt… Oh, God. It’s such a dangerous subject, you end up sounding… People have told me, but I’ve always thought they must be mad.

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